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Tokyo Dome
Yomiuri Giants
Central League

Website: Yomiuri Giants

Date Visited: Sept 12, 2010

Japan Baseball Hall of Fame:

The Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is located just outside the Tokyo Dome. I would highly recommend visiting this museum if you are in the area. It had:

Random Notes:

Tokyo Dome was the only stadium I saw retired numbers displayed.

This is the most famous and popular team in Japan, similar to the NY Yankees in MLB.

<=It's right here.

There was an amusement park right next door to the Dome. Nice, wide, clean outside concourse lined with concession and souvenir stands.

There was a security check at this stadium.

Here's the field and the noticeable net.

On the columns in the stands in right field you can see some of the retired numbers posted.

Except for its size and the HOF, it was a traditional stadium.

Final Score: Yomiuri Giants = 5, Hiroshima Carp = 1

Imagine trying to get 4 sections at Coors Field to display a banner this huge so well.

Not gonna happen there.

This is just another indication of how well the 'cheerers' are in the Japanese league.

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