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Kyocero Dome Osaka
Orix Buffaloes
Pacific League

Website: Orix Buffaloes

Date Visited: Sept 7, 2010

Random Notes:

Six of the twelve stadiums visited were dome. The Osaka Dome seats 36,477.

This stadium is south of Tokyo. Called Kyocero Dome on the map to the left.

It looks like a fancy spaceship.

The entranceway was lined nicely by trees.

Here's the field. There was minimal attendance at this game.

One section held the visiting team (Chiba Lotte Marines) cheering section. They were fantastic. They were my favorite cheerers in the NPB.

The game here was one of the better played games.

Final score: Orix Buffaloes = 5, Chiba Lotte Marines = 4

There was a net that went around the entire field (even in the outfield).

When a ball is fouled into the stands, folks (ushers?) blow whistles to alert fans. That was done at all the stadiums I visited in Japan.

And, there were beer girls.

Almost every stadium had cute, young girls carrying these packs on their backs and they would serve thirsty fans for 600 yen (something like that).

A 100 yen coin is the same size and color as a US quarter. I had mixed up my US coins and my Yen coins by mistake and gave a beer girl two quarters by mistake. She readily corrected me.

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