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Email - 7/5/10

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Additional tidbits:


There appears to be organized cheerleaders in Japan - or should I say ‘cheering squads’. It doesn’t look to be the traditional young, pretty girl, short skirt, dance, wave pom-pom cheerleaders that we have in the states for football but more a group of individuals (men and women) banging drums, yelling through megaphones and singing individual songs/chants for each player. Apparently, the fans are supposed to know the chants for each player. I’m quite looking forward to witnessing this in person.

Beer girls

Yes, beer girls; not “Hey, Beer Man!”

Not a bad touch, as long as they don’t block my view of the game while serving customers. Most guys seem to like this feature when attending a Japanese ballgame.

Which makes me wonder… is baseball in Japan more for male fans, for family, for young folks, or is it for everyone like MLB. I’ll let you know when I get back from the trip.

Beer after 9th inning

Speaking of beer, it appears beer is served until the 9th inning (unlike the 7th inning in MLB). I suspect that’s because 90% (a guess) of the fans travel to the ballpark via train and not automobile.


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