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Minor League Baseball in Japan

Each ‘major league team’ in the NPB – Nippon Professional Baseball has one minor league team (MLB teams have at least five varying in experience and skill).

The minor league system in Japan is divided into two leagues:

Western League (ウエスタン・リーグ?)
Eastern League (イースタン・リーグ?)

The Western League hosts 5 of the 12 Japanese minor league teams
The Eastern League hosts the remaining 7

With one or two exceptions, most of the Japanese minor league teams carry the same name, and use the same uniforms as their parent team (unlike most minor league teams in the US).

Minor league games and stadiums in Japan are not commercialized nor are they advertised as ‘family entertainment’ like the ones in the states. My friend, Sean (who lives in Tokyo), said we’d go to a minor league game while I was there. I’ll be sure to take lots of notes and photos to share with you.


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