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Email - 5/25/10

Friends and Family -

There is a Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

It was founded in 1959 (Cooperstown HOF was founded in 1939).

It is housed in the Tokyo Dome.

Players are eligible for the HOF 5 15 years after they stopped playing.

300 writers with 15+ years of experience cast a vote. Any player receiving 75% of the ballot is elected to the HOF. (Cooperstown HOF has similar rules years may be different.)

Other individuals (writers, broadcasters, early note-able players in Japan, etc.) are elected to the HOF via a Special Committee.

There are 168 individuals in the Japanese Hall of Fame as of 2009 season (there are 292 individuals in Cooperstown).

Since Im doing the extended tour when I go in Sept, I will be able to visit this museum.


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